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What Do Your Wedding Colors Say?


The color pallet of a wedding says a lot. It can indicate the season - burnt oranges and rich browns for fall, light pastel pink and cheery mint are perfect for spring. Colors tie in with the theme - nautical bold blues or romantic reds. They speak of individual personalities and the relationship the couple shares. Find out what your wedding colors say about you and the statement they make to your guests. 

Blue Wedding


A color of trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue is calming and tranquil. Blue belles are patient, sensitive, conservative and introspective.


Yellow Wedding2


Choosing yellow means you are creative and idealistic. Yellow exhibits happiness, cheer, optimism, and hope.


Red Wedding2


Red is passion and romance. It is impulsive and outgoing. Couples who choose red as their wedding color are dramatic, restless and optimistic.

 Ivory Wedding

Ivory & White

Symbolic of a clean start for those seeking peace, ivory is classic, traditional, pure and innocent. It has a strong connection with youth and perfection and reflects a blank canvas waiting to be filled.



Historically associated with royalty, purple has taken on a new life representing glamour, mystery, and imagination. Lovers of light lavender tend to be charming, witty and cultured while devotees of deep eggplant are creative, talented, and provocative.


Orange Wedding


The perfect fall color. Brides who choose orange are happy, trendy, and enthusiastic. They have a bold and exotic sense of style and tend to be fearless and curious.


Green Wedding2


Green represents earth, life, fertility, balance and growth. A common choice for eco-friendly couples, green shows that you value your health and the environment. It is also the “great equilibrium” between the head and the heart.


Pink Wedding2


A truly girlish hue that can either represent playfulness, a sense of sweetness in the lighter shades, or energetic, strong and fun-loving in the bolder tones.


Brown Wedding


Rich and rustic, brown is black’s earthy counterpart. The color is related to security and protection and symbolizes honesty and contentment.


Black Wedding


Classic, intense, and mysterious. Black demonstrates a strong opinion about design and sexiness and sophistication with a modern twist.  Black is timelessly elegant and makes for a wonderful compliment to any color. 

Preventing Theft on your Wedding Day


You never think that you could fall victim to theft on your wedding day. But the sad reality is that there is often plenty of cash floating around a reception and enough destractions to overlook any wrongdoing.

The Knot recently posted an article about a couple from New York who fell victim to this unthinkable act and several steps to take to protect yourself, and your gifts, on your wedding day. 

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Michael and Tricia DelGaudio had a perfect wedding day. But the day after their wedding reception at a bistro in Brooklyn, New York, the couple realized something was amiss. "When we opened the card box, we realized that there was a tear in the top, and only six or so cards were inside," Michael says.

How it Happened

The couple began to retrace the evening and remembered a well-dressed man who everyone assumed was a guest -- after the wedding, they learned that he even chatted up other guests, telling one person he was a friend of the groom's family, and another that he met the bride at an art exhibit. The mystery man had stolen most of the couple's wedding gifts, and despite the fact that he showed up in numerous pictures taken during the evening, police closed the case due to lack of evidence, and the presents were never recovered.

An Unhappy Pattern

Michael and Tricia soon discovered that wedding gift theft is far from unheard of -- Michael's cousin and his best man's mother also had presents stolen from their weddings. Though it's unpleasant to think you're vulnerable at your own reception, the reality is that a wedding crasher or staff member can all-too-easily get away with stealing your gifts when everyone else is distracted and having fun.

What You Can Do

  • Create an online registry and have the presents sent directly to your house (or another family member's house, like your mom's). The best way to ensure nothing is stolen is to spread the word that you'd prefer presents mailed to your residence rather than brought to the reception.
  • Place your gift table far from an exit to make it more difficult for anyone who's trying to steal your presents, or...
  • Forgo having a gift table all together. Instead, visit each table during the reception so that guests have the opportunity to hand you envelopes of cash or checks -- but only if they wish to do so. You should never ask for cash.
  • If you spot a wedding crasher, don't be polite and ignore them. Ask your day-of coordinator or an attendant to ask the crasher to leave. 
  • Ask a trustworthy friend to act as gift attendant. Ask him to store the gifts in a secure place (like a locked room) rather than displaying them in the open.
  • If your reception is large (over 300 people) and the site is in a high-traffic area (like in any urban setting), consider hiring security, both to prevent theft and to quash any other rowdiness that might transpire. 
  • Think about buying wedding insurance. Coverage from a company like WedSafe will cover stolen gifts as long as it's reported right away.

What if It Happens to You?

If you're a victim of wedding gift theft, report it to the police as soon as possible. Get in touch with your reception site to see if there are any security cameras that may have caught the crime on tape.

Perhaps the toughest part will be explaining the situation to your guests (after all, you really can't write thank-you notes for gifts you never received). One approach is to send an email to as many guests as you can and give them a rundown of what happened; ask them to spread the word to those whose email addresses you don't have. And then send handwritten notes to every guest expressing your thanks for his or her attendance. If your wedding was on the smaller side, you could call each guest individually, though be prepared for lots of questions about the specifics from concerned friends and relatives.

-- Miles Stiverson

Read more: Wedding Planning Basics: How to Prevent Wedding Gift -

Emerald at Queensridge has several security measures in place to protect valuables during your wedding day:

  • Secure key cards are given to the bride and groom on their wedding day. These cards are the only way to access the suites for the day.
  • A secure key card, given to the bride, is the only way to access the security closet located in the bridal suite. 
  • Safes are available in both the bridal and groom suite with a unique code the bride and groom choose. 
  • The Gift Table is located in the ballroom, next to the head table and away from the main exit. 
  • Security Cameras are placed throughout the venue. 
  • It is recommended that when giving a monetary gift, do so with a check. Cash is untraceable and there is no way to cancel it if it falls into the wrong hands. 
  • Do not open the card box or any envelopes until you are in a secure location such as your hotel room or home. Items can easily get lost in transit. 

Wedding Snap is at Emerald at Queensridge!


Emerald at Queensridge has recently partnered with Wedding Snap to bring you an exclusive offer!

wedding snap6

Wedding Snap puts your guests smartphones to good use by capturing moments from your wedding, planning, showers and bachelorettes and loading photos and videos to an online album to be viewed and shared.

     wedding snap     wedding snap2

Picture it – your friends are snapping photos on their camera phones of your walk down the aisle or that first kiss, and by the time everyone is sitting down to dinner, those pictures are scrolling across the screen in the Grand Ballroom! You can watch photos of your wedding as it happens!

Gone are the days of disposable cameras, or hunting down cousin Sharron for that great shot she took of you and your betrothed during your engagement party. Wedding Snap collects the photos your friends and family are taking during all those special moments leading up to the big day and puts them into one interactive online gallery.

wedding snap3

How does Wedding Snap work?

 Sign up for your favorite Wedding Snap package, create an album code (i.e. AshleyAdam2013), and share that album code among your guests.

Your guests download the free Wedding Snap app by typing into their Phone’s browser. Every photo and video that your guests take through the app, a copy of it will be automatically uploaded directly to your album. All of your wedding memories can then be viewed on your online gallery.

Exclusively through Emerald at Queensridge, brides can have all of their guest’s pictures and videos streaming live on a projection screen. Your professional photographer’s photos will also be uploaded directly to a new album on your Wedding Snap account. There you can order professional prints, download them, or easily share them via Wedding Snap’s interactive gallery.

Emerald at Queensridge Wedding Snap Packages:Features Included in All Packages:

  • Unlimited high quality photo & video (new!) uploads by all your guests (Starting the moment you sign up to a year after your wedding date)
  • Unlimited albums for all your wedding occasions: Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party, etc
  • Download or order prints of all your photos in high quality.
  • Free personalized instruction cards for all your guests
  • Exclusive Emerald at Queensridge Weddings Feature: Have all of your professional photographer’s photos uploaded as a new album on your Wedding Snap account. Order professional prints of your photos, download them, or easily share them via our interactive gallery.  

Additional Features:

  • Professional Photo Retouching: ALL your Wedding Snap photos will be enhanced and retouched by a professional photographer.
  • Live Moderated Slideshow: As your guests take photos during your wedding, the photos can be instantly shown on a live slideshow as the wedding is happening. Our professional moderators virtually moderate the photos to make sure they are all appropriate. 

          *Slideshow equipment not provided by Wedding Snap, contact your wedding coordinator for more details.

Can't wait to start capturing all of your wedding memories? Click here to check out all the features and sign up now!

   wedding snap5

10 Must Haves When Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day



10 'Must Haves' When Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

The hours leading up to your walk down the aisle will be filled with nervous excitement and loved ones and lots of hair spray. But the last thing you want them to be is stressful or hectic. We’ve compiled a list of things to remember to make those final preparation hours nothing but enjoyable!

1. A nice hanger – You might be spending a small fortune on your dream dress, it seems minor to have a pretty hanger to show it off. We love personalized ones with your new last name!

  hanger1   hanger2


2. Scissors – And any other little thing you wouldn’t normally think of. It’s better to be over prepared than to spend precious time hunting down something to cut tags.

                                                        bridal suite

3. The Workings of your Bustle – Your final fitting is the one time you will absolutely want someone with you. Letting a bridesmaid in on the secrets of your bustle will smooth out the transition from Ceremony to Reception. 


4. A well-fed crew – It’s a long time from when preparations for the big day begin to when you and your bridal party get to finally sit down and enjoy. Make your girls’ tummies content with lunch platters or fruit and cheese trays.

  lunch platter  lunch

5. Music – Customize a playlist or set Pandora to your favorite “jams” station to keep the mood lively while your primping.


6. An “easy off” top – Something lower cut that can slip off your shoulders rather than over your head. Added bonus for a personalized button down or matching bridal party robes!

  makeup1  robe

7. The perfect undergarments – Do a trial run with different intimates to see what works best for you and the silhouette of your dress. Does your dress have a built in bra? Will you need a slip?


8. Everything accessorized – It’s more than just the dress. From what goes in your hair to whether or not to wear your engagement ring. And don’t forget something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

  accessories  rings

9. Touch ups – If you are having your make up done by a professional, ask for samples of the colors they are using or have extra lipstick and powder close by to keep your face fresh and flawless throughout the night.

10. A designated “go to” person - Designate a reliable family member or friend as the contact person to field any last minute questions or details from vendors and guests.

UPDATE: We almost forgot about the most important item - your marriage license! For brides getting married at Emerald at Queensridge, check out this link for details on obtaining a marriage license before your wedding day. 

Fantasy Wedding: Chris & Wendy


Wendy & Chris met on and fell in love fast. Wendy knew on their second date that Chris was the one. It took a little longer for Chris to catch on;but not much longer. Within ten months of their first date they were saying “I Do” under the gazebo at Emerald at Queensridge. 

kauffman2 kauffman3    

kauffman5 kauffman4 

kauffman6 kauffman11

The couple wanted their day to be very formal, traditional, and with a nod of respect to the union they were creating. That came through in the wedding ceremonies they created.  In lieu of exchanging and giving roses to each other’s mothers, they decided to exchange the roses amongst themselves as an act of giving to one another. “That was my favorite part,” said Wendy. “It was just between the two of us.”

But moms weren’t totally left out. In fact, they were a highlight of the unity candle ceremony as a quite literal “passing of the torch”. The mothers lit the initial candles of their respective child and in turn, Chris & Wendy lit the main unity candle as one.

kauffman9 kauffman17

kauffman12 kauffman13

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Bling” made her big day no exception. Gems sparkled in their three tiered vases with blush colored petals, floating candles illuminating the room. Wendy’s off the shoulder dress sparkled with embellishments covering the bodice. A jewel-incrusted tiara sat on her perfectly quaffed head.

kauffman15 kauffman21

kauffman16 kauffman14

Wendy & Chris decided to pull out all the stops on their menu. The night started with butler passed sweet and sour cocktail meatballs, crab stuffed mushroom caps, & asparagus with Asiago cheese wrapped in puff pastries.

As for their main course, the couple opted for a formal plated sit down dinner. Guests indulged in lobster bisque, a spinach and walnut salad, and their choice of cast iron seared filet, macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi, or creamy sun dried tomato vegetable risotto.

kauffman26  kauffman25 

kauffman27  kauffman28


The cake, a masterful creation of bedazzles and LED lighting held four tiers of cake fit for a queen. Flavors included red velvet and cream cheese, chocolate with chocolate pastry cream, and vanilla with whipped cream and fresh strawberry filling.

Everyone danced the night away including a special performance from the bride and her bridal party. Those still hungering for more bellied up to the Cold Stone Ice Cream station and watched as chefs churned their custom flavors atop a signature cold granite stone. And no one could get enough of the photo booth, exchanging silly props & hats and cheesing for the camera.

Chris and Wendy departed their reception amidst a flurry of bubbles blown by family and friends and set off for a long and relaxing honeymoon.


kauffman18 kauffman23 

kauffman19 kauffman20



From Wendy: "When the reverend pronounced us 'Man & Wife'. It’s done! Kiss the bride! Now let’s party."

From Chris: "The photography & videography. I really felt a part of my wedding day when the photographers were posing us and telling us what to do and the cameras were pointed on us."

From Wendy: "The videographers asked me if I wanted to write a letter to my future husband while I was getting ready. I didn’t realize they had asked him to do the same, and he did. So right before the wedding I got to sit down and read the letter Chris wrote to me. It was really cool to have that all captured."

From Both: "We highly recommend the Cold Stone Ice Cream Station. It was something so unique that none of our guests were expecting. Also, the Photo Booth was a blast! And seeing the pictures and notes in the scrapbook is so cool. Our guests are still talking about it." 

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